noisy "townGroove"

Mia Zabelka: e-viol.
Chris Janka: e-git.
Daniel Pabst: e-git.
Lukas Ligeti: drums








CD 2007 NoisyTownGroove "rurban"

CD 2007


noisy „townGroove“ meets contemporary improvisation


townGroove is a collective based in New York City and Vienna. We are recording, performing and cultivate our music in Europe and the USA. Maybe somebody will say:“ no matter! For us it is a big influence to have a base in both cities. The energy of New York City is the fuel of our music, it is the Groove of emergency. Vienna is the reflection of our deepness, of our melancholy and of our sensibility in social and musical abilities. The music of townGroove is free improvised.

After collaborations in some other Bands with Lukas, Chris and Mia I decided to form this band. We use the full range of dynamic expression and we have no fear to scratch different styles in all genres. The only important thing is to be authentic in every situation. daniel pabst


TOWNGROOVE – sample 1


Rezension in der Jazzzeit